Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms of service listed below.

Payments and Process

☆Payments will be received via PayPal or direct bank transfer (eg Square reader) or cash at conventions.

☆Prices are based on AUD

☆Additional characters incur a 50% additional fee

☆ Turnaround for individual art commissions is 3 weeks-2 months unless stated otherwise.

☆Prices are subjected to increase if the character is complicated or has wings. Prices may also increase if you want me to draw fanart of a mainstream character I am unfamiliar with. This is because they may not be represented in the best way possible, as the style will be new to me.

☆ If you have a specific description in mind, please be sure to explain it entirely as this may influence the price. I have my base rates, which are subject to increase depending on the nature of the art. Providing a basic drawing, no matter the skill level, will also be helpful for me to get an idea of what you are after.

Subject Matter

☆ Please note that fanart of an existing mainstream character is for domestic use only. Copyrighted characters cannot be included in business related commissions.

☆Please provide character references for what I’m drawing. Additional fees may apply if you don’t have a reference and you have to describe the character.

☆ I will NOT draw anything illegal or tabboo.

Cancellations, Deadlines, Refunds

☆Deadlines may be set, but they must be given from the beginning. Additionally, they must adhere to my turnaround time.

☆ "Change of Mind" cancellations are not possible. This includes even if a commission has not been started on. This is a case by case basis, and will most definitely allow a cancellation for a genuine reason.

☆Once an artwork has been started, you are unable to receive a full refund on that piece. 

☆I am able to offer a partial refund based on the amount of work already put in. This does not apply to a "change of mind" cancellation.

☆Commissions will be void after 6 months of no contact from the client. I will attempt to reach out on our original contact method. This is case by case. I will allow partial refund based on the time spent on the art, but if I am unable to contact you, a refund cannot be made.


☆During the sketch stage, you are allowed to request changes to your artwork. However, once the sketch has been approved and has been lined, major alterations will incur an additional fee. Major changes account for any redraw of the lineart, such as size of ears, pose, etc. If you have specific proportions or body type, or any other specifics in mind, please let me know as I will only work off the reference otherwise.

☆ Changes that do not incur a fee are ones I have made a mistake on. This is only if the description, reference, or correspondence clearly and specifically included these details before the art has begun. Ambiguous or inconsistent references or descriptions provided will result in artistic freedom of the art, and therefore may not be applicable to the aforementioned exception.

☆Once the final piece has been approved by the client, additional fees will incur for potential changes.


☆You may upload your completed commission elsewhere as long as credit to me is given. You are not to resell the artwork for profit or claim as your own.
☆You may NOT crop or alter my signature
☆You are not allowed to heavily alter or change anything about the art piece. Colour filters or colour balancing/changes are fine.

☆You may not trace or reuse the art piece in any shape or form, unless discussed otherwise.

☆Please let me know if you are selling a character I have drawn a commission for. I am fine with this, I just want to be updated on where my art is.

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